Maria Tsierkezos, BT Business
Maria Tsierkezos
Head of Partnerships & Portfolio
BT Business

I’m a results-driven professional with over 13 years of experience working for renowned tech giants, including Orange Telecom, EE, and now BT Business. As the leader of the Partnership Marketing Team, my team oversee the management of over 40 of the world's biggest tech brands, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco. Through strategic collaboration and innovative marketing strategies, we have successfully nurtured these relationships, resulting in significant business growth and enhanced brand visibility for BT Business – often using events and incentives to achieve this. With a decade of experience in event and incentive we have created and delivered unforgettable experiences for delegates. We have executed a wide range of events, including experiential incentive trips across the globe. These trips, which currently run at a rate of 11 per year, have provided thousands of attendees with immersive and engaging experiences that drive motivation, foster team cohesion, and celebrate achievement. In addition, over the last decade, we’ve led on numerous exhibitions, product launches, kick-off events, and conferences. I pride myself that the team and our outstanding agency have meticulous attention to detail, strategic planning, and the ability to deliver outstanding results under pressure. Recently I’ve been honoured to win a place on both C&IT Corporate A-List 2023, and C&IT Incentive A-List 2023.