Anthony Kelly, SITE GB
Anthony Kelly
Founder & Chief Marketer

Anthony's mission is to help leaders realise the true value of marketing by supporting their businesses to deliver marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics that drive growth and provide valuable insights that ultimately increase revenues.

With over 13 years of strategic marketing experience, Anthony worked in-house for businesses from oil & gas to manufacturing achieving significant growth before entering the MICE world in 2015 in his roles as Head of Marketing at Penguins and eventually DRPG. In November 2020, Anthony took the giant leap and launched Measurable Marketing Consultancy, leaving the safety of employment to follow his lifelong ambition to run his own company and support businesses globally to achieve their goals through effective and impactful marketing.

Alongside his day job, Anthony has helped to lead SITE Great Britain for over three years in his role as Volunteer marketing Director and played a significant role with SITE at a global lever as Co-Chair of SITE Global's Digital Transformation and supporting on international consultancy projects as part of SITE’s outreach. He has spoken to audiences across the globe, from Vancouver to Donegal.